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Beijing is the capital of China, an area of  16,800 square kilometers, population 10.51 million. Beijing has a long history, the city was built over 3,000 years of history, towards the Imperial City as the 800 years of history, China's most famous historical sites and cultural resources, existing Ming, the Qing Court, the nation's largest temple building social. Beijing's most attractive tourist attractions is the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, East Chang'an Street and the various museums, monuments and so on. In recent years, has built the China Millennium Monument and other new attractions. Beijing's best tourist season is autumn.
Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square in Beijing city center, is the world's largest square. Tiananmen Square is the north central is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the People's Heroes Monument, the Great Hall of the west, east China's History Museum and the Museum of Chinese Revolution. Tiananmen Square was built during the 15th year (1417), formerly known as Edward the door, Shunzhi eight years (1651), said after the Tiananmen Square renovation. Que gate five, re-building nine Ying, height 33.7 meters. Alice tower flying eaves, carved beams, sight, red walls, a magnificent exception. Downstairs is the sparkling blue of the city of Gold River, the river has five beautifully crafted white marble Golden Water Bridge. City vigorous front two pairs of Chinese lions and graceful table cleverly to bring the Tiananmen Square as a complete architectural masterpiece.
Watch the flag ceremony in Tiananmen Square down to the Beijing tourism has become an important activity, with the sun rising and the national flag and landing, a slightly different time each day, in Tiananmen Square in front of electronic display boards prompt and accurate daily lift flag time.
Tiananmen Gate Hours 9:00 am ---- 16: 30 by 2,4,10,116 bus up.
Great Hall Hours 8:00 ---- 11:30 14:00 ---- 17:00
Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Hours 8:00 ---- 11:30 13:30 ---- 16:40 (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Sundays)
Museum of Chinese History Opening Hours 8:30 am ---- 16: 30 by 1,57 bus to arrive.
Summer Palace
Summer Palace is located in the west of Beijing, about 10 km from the city, the Qing Dynasty imperial garden, the first of China's classical gardens, is one of the world-famous gardens. Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake in Summer Palace form the main building there are Buddhist House, Promenade, 17-hole bridge, Suzhou Street. Summer Palace, more than 3,000 rooms throughout the building, landscaping luxury beautiful, full of royal style. Peaks of the Park by the King in the Western Hills, plus buildings blend with the park Lake situation, the scenery is constantly changing. Previous praise Road ", although from person to make, Wan since the days open."
Summer Palace was together in 1998 the World Heritage Committee and UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.
Summer opening hours 9:00 am ---- 16: 00 by 330,332,333,362,375 bus to arrive.

Forbidden City
Imperial Palace is located in the north of Tiananmen Square, formerly known as the Forbidden City, the Ming and Qing dynasties lived emperors palace, is the world's existing largest and most complete ancient wooden buildings. Flat rectangular Forbidden City, north to south and 961 meters, 753 meters from east to west, an area of ​​72 square meters. Pavilion 9000 with most temples, the Forbidden City after 24 Ming and Qing emperors, emperor Pu Yi in late 1924 left the Forbidden City, the Palace Museum was established in 1925.
Exceptionally outside the museum's building toward the two major chambers, Wo, and in, Paul and the three main hall is the museum's most spectacular buildings. Hall of Supreme Harmony is one of the people often say "throne room", where the emperor held the ceremony. In addition, the Forbidden City there are many valuable relics and enjoy the treasures of ancient cultural relics, tourism is an important part of the National Palace. Forbidden City in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage World Heritage Committee.
Palace opens 9:00 am ---- 16: 00 by 1,5,10,57 bus to arrive.
Great Wall, Ming Tombs
Great Wall in northern China, east Shanhaiguan, west to Jiayuguan, total length of 6,700 kilometers, known as the Great Wall. Beijing Great Wall landscape Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, one of imposing grandeur, and convenient transportation, the most famous, is the best place to watch the Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, the other, Simatai Great Wall also has its own characteristics. Great Wall in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage World Heritage Committee.
Ming Tombs is located in northern suburb of Beijing, the Ming Dynasty 13 tombs of emperors, Emperor is buried up to the world's largest concentration of existing imperial tombs. One Changling, Dingling have tourists.
Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs in Chongwenmen, transfer to the front door there is tourism.
Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven in Beijing Yongding Gate Avenue, east of the ancient emperor Heaven buildings, the architecture of its kind in the world the most, the main building has Qiniandian, Imperial Vault of Heaven and so on. Qiniandian 38 meters high, is the most famous of ancient Chinese architecture, Beijing tourism logo is Qiniandian.
Hours 8:30 am ---- 18: 30 x 17,54 bus, tram to reach 106,116.
Fragrant leaves known to each fall, leaves all over the mountains, colorful leaves. The autumn tour to Beijing must go to the Department. Xiangshan nearby Temple of Azure Clouds, Reclining Buddha and other monuments.
Fragrant apple transfer can take the subway to bus 318, 333 in the Summer Palace by bus, zoo bus ride to reach 360.
Other attractions
Military Museum: open from 8:30 am ---- 16: 00 by 1,4,57,320 bus or subway to the military museum can be reached.
China Natural History Museum: open from 8:30 am ---- 16: 00 by 17, 20 bus to arrive.
China Art Gallery: Opening hours 9:00 am ---- 16: 00 by tram to reach 104,108.
Summer Palace: Open 9:00 am ---- 16: 00 by 331,365 bus to arrive.
Xishan Badachu: 347 from the zoo by bus to arrive.
Marco Polo Bridge: Open 8:00 ---- 16: 00 by bus to reach 309,339